Katherine Sheehan

Thanks for visiting my website. Please take a look at my galleries and enjoy the images.
One of the things I Iove most about photography is that it is so related to our direct experience of the world. In order to make some of my images I have had amazing moments and found myself in places I never imagined! Whether I am shooting while dangling from a cliff or laying down in a meadow, I always come away refreshed. Making photographs rewards me with a greater appreciation for our world.

I work with and love all forms of camera. I have a 4x5 box camera from the 50's, a plastic Holga with a fisheye lens, an old Rolleiflex, and a D-SLR. I have worked in digital print labs and those wonderful, wet and quiet chemical darkrooms as well.

I have had several group shows and a solo debut in 2004 as my Bachelors of Fine Arts Senior Thesis. After graduation, I worked as a Staff Photographer at The Ansel Adams gallery while living in Yosemite for several years. I enjoyed leading Photo Tours which included basic lessons, and did a bit of guiding with more personalized instruction. I also worked as office manager for the Yosemite Climbing Association during that time. I have had images published in various forms and writing included in books by Stonemaster press. I now happily live in Salt Lake City, UT.

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